Published again!

April Racing Post

In college I had a pretty cool job. I was a sports writer for The Daily Advertiser in Lafayette, LA. My beat was mostly high school football and basketball, but I had some great experiences including:

  • Covering the New Orleans Saints’ 1997 draft (from the team headquarters). This was Mike Dikta’s first year as the coach of the Saints, so I had the opportunity to speak with him and several ESPN personalities that were reporting live from the scene including Linda Cohn – with whom I lost a $5 bet on who the Saints would take with their #10 pick (damn Chris Naeole).
  • Being in the newsroom (and putting on the headline) when LSU beat then #1 Florida – in my opinion the first spark in what became LSU’s recent mini-dynasty.
  • Covering numerous high school players that have gone on to success in the NFL.

Ever since I got my first job in the “real world” I’ve always missed the creative outlet that being a writer provided. That is one of the reasons that I started this blog. Well, I’m proud to say that I have “picked up my pen” one more time and have a story in this month’s Racing Post. The Racing Post is THE #1 authority on all things cycling in Texas. They have great coverage on Texas racing, rally rides, etc. You’ll find a PDF my story on page 29 through this link The magazine is also availble in bike shops all over Texas. The motivation to write the story came from my son, Grant, who continues to inspire me on a daily basis.

Hope you enjoy and with any luck I’ll write a few more.

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