What a workout!

Cherry Pie Hill Workout

So Saturday my teammate Ed organized a training ride out in Palo Pinto. Six of us took on the challenge (5 Moritz riders and our mountain-bike-phenom buddy Matt). There are two races in Mineral Wells/Palo Pinto in a couple of weeks, so this was a great opportunity to train and pre-ride some of the course.

If you know Ed, you know he trains HARD. So we had no doubt this ride would be epic. Here was the plan:

  • Meet Ed at a small B&B on Lake Palo Pinto (where he and his wife had stayed the night before).
  • Ride 11 hilly miles to the base of Cherry Pie Hill.
  • Do 3 sets of 3 hill repeats up Cherry Pie Hill (that’s 9 times up CP Hill!)
  • Then ride the first half of the race course, taking a short-cut back to our cars.

For those of you not familar with Cherry Pie Hill, it is the longest climb in North Texas – about 1.5 miles @ 6%-8% (it’s 350 ft. vertical). So the thought of doing 9 hill repeats up CP Hill was a little daunting. So how did it turn out?

  • just over 72 miles in 4 hours
  • over 5,800 ft. of climbing
  • “The Big Ring Challenge” on the 9th and final climb up Cherry Pie Hill we all agreed to stay in our big chain ring or suffer humiliation – everyone made it
  • some tempo work into a nasty headwind on the way home

Overall a great ride. Let’s hope the hard work turns into some W’s for Moritz in April!

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