New website, kind of like having a baby

So last night we launched a re-design of the PayDay One website (as a reminder PayDay One is a subsidiary of ThinkCash – PayDay One is our payday loan service and ThinkCash provides installment loans for emergency cash needs). This is the 7th time in my career that I have been part of a new website launch or re-design. In the past I have compared it to the birth of a child.

When I joined Blockbuster in 2003 I was basically the first external hire for the online team and brought in to help launch the business and run marketing. It took us 9 months to launch the website/service. I sent out a “friends & family” email for our beta launch asking people to try the service and give me their honest feedback. The subject line of my email was “Ben’s Baby” and I basically described in the email that I had poured my heart and soul into the business over the prior 9 months and felt like a parent – both proud and scared to let my “baby” out into the real world. Little did I realize that Jess and I would find out the next week that we were pregnant with Grant.

Now we have just launched a re-design of PayDay One after almost 9 months of work (from concepting, to design, coding, QA, etc.). I’m really pleased with the way it turned out and I think it really reflects the personality of the brand. The team has worked very hard on this for months and they deserve kudos.

You’ll notice that we prominently feature customer testimonials on the website. We spent a day shooting the testimonials and spent a lot of time with about 10+ customers. It is always nice to talk to our customers and hear their real world stories about how we had a positive impact on their lives and helped them with their emergency cash situations.  We work in an industry that gets a lot of negative publicity (some of it very deserving with the way our competitors operate) and to be honest, all the negative perceptions can really take-a-toll on you as an employee. So it is always fulfilling to talk with the customers that we help and have them literally thank us for helping them. I’ve tried to avoid “getting on my soap box” to defend our industry, but if you would like to become more educated on the industry, Kevin D has some great posts here, here, and here. I’m just really proud of the work we do and now I’m also proud of the website that is our “face” to the consumer . . . and as a side note, we’re having another baby in 10 days!

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