Baseball Boogie . . . wow this is bad

Baseball BoogieBaseball Boogie

So after the success of the 1985 Chicago Bears music video, “Super Bowl Shuffle” several pro sports teams attempted to create their own music video. Most of these efforts were horrible, so luckily for the players involved, few were ever seen by the public-at-large. Well, that was before YouTube.

The little diddy above is “Baseball Boogie” featuring the 1986 Los Angeles Dodgers. You will need to click here to watch it since YouTube won’t let me embed the video. There are so many disturbing things with this video, that I’m not sure where to start:

  1. Were bright satin jackets ever in style?
  2. Is that a young Ed Begley Jr.getting out of the limo as one of the red carpet “celebrities”? Is that an electric-hybrid limousine?
  3. Is it just me or are Orel Hershiser’s hip movements/thrusts disturbing?
  4. Is that former Mets great Keith Hernandez in the audience?
  5. Was Pedro Guerrero’s injury during Spring Training in ’86 fate’s way of punishing him for making this horrible video (he is the one in the pink satin jacket with all the bling)?

As an ’86 Dodger, I wonder what hurts more – losing 89 games or having to see yourself in this video.

2 responses to “Baseball Boogie . . . wow this is bad

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