MCC Team Training Camp Report

2008 Moritz Chevrolet Cycling Team

This past weekend was the Moritz Chevrolet Cycling team training camp in Granbury, TX (hosted by Mike and his wife in Pecan Plantation). The original plan was a full weekend of riding, dinners together, etc. Approximately 25 guys had planned on attending. However, Mother Nature had different ideas and dropped some cold weather and rain on us Saturday (they were originally forecasting freezing rain, etc). So on Thursday we decided to condense camp to one day – Sunday. The new agenda was:

  1. Meet in the morning for breakfast and catching-up
  2. Meet to discuss team issues (plans for the year, upcoming races, etc.)
  3. Ride for 4 hours on the beautiful and hilly roads around Granbury
  4. Post ride pizza, watch the Tour of California on Versus, etc.

The weather on Sunday actually turned out pretty good – sunny and in the 50’s; however, there was a steady 15-20 mph wind out of the NW. Mike planned out a great route that would take us into the headwind for about 40 miles and then we would come back on a similar route with the benefit of the tailwind, but the added challenge of climbing Comanche Peak. Larry was even nice enough to drive our support truck with extra bottles, wheels, etc. so we wouldn’t lose any time if someone flatted on the road.

We had a great ride. Mostly double paceline, played a few games of “chase the rabbit” on the hills etc. In all we did 80 miles and 5,000 ft. of climbing (profile below) in 4 hours.

ride profile

For those of you fellow “power junkies” my normalized average power for the 4 hour ride was 229w, so it was a good effort and I definitely racked up some TSS.

I’m lucky to be on a team with a great group of guys and look forward to some positive results for MCC in 2008.

2 responses to “MCC Team Training Camp Report

  1. Great picture! Thanks for letting me tag along. 229W ave huh? If I was putting out that for 4 hours I’d be a superstar, how much do you weigh so I can adjust it on a watt/kg and compare to mine?

  2. The more the merrier. Right now I’m around 147 lbs.

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