Deep in the heart of Texas

Cowboy Grant

The “Cowboy” spirit of Texas has been strong in the Cooper family over the last couple of weeks. The Fort Worth Stock Show just ended, but not before Grant got to dress up like a cowboy for “Stock Show Day” at school.

Hannah on horseback

My sister’s family has also adapted quite nicely to life in Texas. They own one of the largest horse trailer dealerships in Texas (they specialize in Platinum trailers with Outlaw conversions) and you can see my niece, Hannah, above on one of her first trail rides.

One of the first things Jess and I noticed when we moved from Dallas to Fort Worth almost two years ago is how different the cities are (even though they are only 30 miles apart). Dallas is very cosmopolitan and aspires to be similar to New York or LA; by contrast, Fort Worth is proud of its western roots and heritage and is very content to be . . . Fort Worth. Needless to say, we’re pretty happy to call Fort Worth home.

One response to “Deep in the heart of Texas

  1. Very well said…….. Scoreboard Fort Worth!

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