Super Bowl commercials . . . an expert review

As someone who has produced a couple Super Bowl commercials during my career (not at Thinkcash yet, but during my days at Blockbuster) I’m often asked the Monday after the game what I thought of the spots. I was going to do a full write-up, but I think the Miller High Life delivery guy beat me to the punch.

4 responses to “Super Bowl commercials . . . an expert review

  1. I was surfing and came across your site and understand that you are in advertising/producing. My question is this (if you can help): I believe in an idea that could make a great commercial for a huge company-specifically Apple or Microsft. What do I do??? I know they don’t accept submissions from joe schmoe. If I could get someone with pull to give it a listen-who knows?

  2. Genius writing!

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