New Arundel Bike “Bling”

Arundel Dave-O Cage

So Christmas for my bike continues with two new Arundel Dave-O bottle cages. I had some carbon bottle cages on my bike already (the Performance Bike house brand – Forte), but recently they have started to “eject” my bottles (lost a couple bottles crossing railroad tracks). Not a big deal in training, but with the first race of the season just around the corner, it was time to find a solution.
So I decided to upgrade and got a couple new Arundel cages from Fort Worth Cycling. The Dave-O cage is specifically designed to not eject bottles and it looks pretty trick too (the carbon wrap identically matched the wrap on my Kuota Kredo). The other benefit is that Arundel is a local company here in Fort Worth and I ride with the owners (Dave-O and Chris) pretty regularly. Very cool that we have a company here in Fort Worth that is making such progressive cycling gear. My next upgrade just might be one of their seat bags, The Dual, with the grey piping of course 😉

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