The Rich Get Richer

So I was talking football with a buddy the other day. I was mentioning that as a Cowboys fan, I’m kind of disappointed that Cleveland is having such a good year (Dallas gets Cleveland’s first round pick in the ’08 draft). I’m guessing that the Browns will finish around 10-6, which means the pick will be around #21. This isn’t a bad thing. Dallas could get a good, young receiver at that spot. They could even potential package that pick with their own first round pick (probably #31) to move up.

So the point my friend brought up is that New England gets San Francisco’s first round pick in ’08. San Francisco is having a horrible year and that pick will probably be #2. This means that the Patriots could conceivably get Darren McFadden of Arkansas

As an LSU fan, I have seen “D-Mac” up close and personal . . . and he is scary good. I think he is going to be a top NFL running back. This hardly seems fair. Both McFadden and Laurence Maroney split carries in college, so a two-back rotation would work well and make the Patriots offense unstoppable.

Or maybe Miami takes McFadden and New England is “stuck” taking LSU stud Glen Dorsey (the best interior defensive lineman to come out in 10+ years).  In that scenario they have the anchor for their defense for the next 10 years. Either way . . . the rich get richer.

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