Moritz Cowtown Cross a Big Success

West and Clear has a great write-up on our cross race yesterday. The event was a success in every measure. We had a record turnout of 90 entries and raised more than expected for the mental health community center.

Big props go to my teammate Art Exum for putting the event together (Art is also an excellent coach for anyone in Fort Worth looking for a cycling coach – Everything went really smooth and everyone I talked to (I didn’t race this one) raved about the course.  I was the “crossing guard” on the backside of the course along the banks of the Trinity  for the last two races and it definitely got me excited to do some ‘cross racing next season.

There was also a ‘cross race in Fort Worth on Saturday (hosted by Colonel’s and Broken Films).  This event was held at Trinity Park and had an “interesting” crash captured on video here.

One response to “Moritz Cowtown Cross a Big Success

  1. Nice photo 😉

    Ben, I really enjoyed watching/shooting my first cyclocross. I’ve been cyclocross curious for a while, but seeing it in action–it’s way cooler than I imagined.

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