A “Super” Halloween

As you can see, Grant decided to go as Superman for Halloween this year. He is in an all-things-fireman obsession right now, so Jess and I were surprised when he picked the Superman costume. However, he got his money’s worth this year – having 5 different opportunities to wear his costume between all of the class parties, Halloween Festivals, etc.

I think Jess and I had as much fun as Grant – playing games at Halloween parties, baking Halloween cookies, etc.

We have some amazing neighbors and every year we all gather at the house at the end of the block, have pizza (beverages for the adults) and the kids (roughly 20 kids under the age of 9!) get to run around and play together before we all leave to go trick’o’treating together.

As you can see from the pictures, Grant had a blast and I’m sure he’ll put on his “muscles” again a few more times before he outgrows it.

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