Maui Vacation Report

Jess and I had an unbelievable time in Maui last week. Granny June and Pop were nice enough to keep Grant for the week; therefore, Jess and I were able to go on vacation just the two of us (very important since Baby #2 is coming the first week of April).

We spent 7 nights at the Sheraton Maui Resort on Kaanapali Beach in West Maui. Maui truly is as gorgeous as everyone says. Beautiful water, mountains and perfect weather. We managed to pack a lot of fun and a lot of relaxing into the week. We did all the Maui vacation “must do’s”:

  • The road to Hana
  • Dinners in Lahaina
  • Surfing (Ben, not Jess)
  • Shopping/lunch in Paia
  • Visit the Haleakala volcano (I went twice, once by bike and once by car)
  • Lots of snorkeling
  • Lots or reading books by the pool

All in all, a pretty perfect vacation. However, the best part was coming home to Grant. He gave Jess and I each a 5 minute hug when we got back (we got back at 5 a.m. on Thursday, so we were home when he woke up).

6 responses to “Maui Vacation Report

  1. That’s a good pic of you cycling. Sounds like an awesome trip.

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  3. I stumbled across your blog and we have something in common as I also rode up Haleakala in October (a few weeks after you). It was cold, windy and wet; never did see the crater at the top and part way down I gave up and put my bike in the van. I trust you had better weather on your ride. Where’s the obligitory picture at the top? Also, masthead of your ride with Levi; I would love to have the opportunity myself.

  4. I actually didn’t make it to the top either. The week I was there is when they had another death or a biker coming down Haleakala. So they actually closed the park to cyclists the day after my ride. However, it was raining so hard when I got to the park entrance (around 6,600 ft) that they weren’t letting cyclists in because it was too dangerous. Big dissapointment because I was making really good time. Just gives me an incentive to go back!

  5. I guess I wasn’t clear on my first post in that I actually did make it to the top; but the clouds made so that I couldn’t see the crater from the oberservation building. I took me 6 hours and 15 minutes to get up there, but it was on the descent that I gave up.

    On my way up we passed two cars had gone head-on into each other at 8800. The park rangers were holding the traffic, but they let us ride around the accident. At that point I actually took the SLR from my family and put it around my neck for the ride to the top. I wasn’t going to do all of that work and not get a picture! But when I came back down I decided it was too dangerous. If you are curious about my experience I have an entry on my blog at

    I also read about the accident you referred to and I added an entry on my blog about it before I left for Maui. She was the 3rd person this year and when I was there you could only ride down if you rode up on your own power.

    Too bad the weather kept you from the top. When I see various blogs out there with guys in short sleeve jerseys at the summit I think they are so lucky to have had such a nice day. I guess October is not the month to ride this thing. I’m sure you will make it next time.

  6. You’re very fortunate. We brought our little one along to Maui and while it was a great change of pace, it wasn’t a ‘typical’ vacation 🙂

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