Back from Maui with Willie

So Jess and I are back and our vacation in Maui was fantastic. I will post pictures and a detailed report soon, but I had to share the pic above. Willie Nelson was on our flight back from Maui to DFW. Willie was very accommodating and took pictures with lots of fans, pretty impressive considering this was 4:50 in the morning and I’m sure he just wanted to get home.

2 responses to “Back from Maui with Willie

  1. From Oahu originally and caught him AND tommy chong on a connecting flight to LAX. Needless to say the boys were looking like they were apart of a different mile high club and enjoyin’ themselves that night =) Ben, have you gotten to listen to Lonestar 92.5 outta Dallas FW ? They’re hostin’ a concert with Willie and Pat Green next weekend which should be enjoyable to say the least hehe. I’m currently interning with the station so hopefully they hook us up! Check out their site if you get a chance, all local (TX) events and dates posted up, and of course all your favorite country music. Hit it up!

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