Blame my parents for my food fussiness as a kid!

Yucky Food Face

The results of a very interesting study came out today, revealing that food fussiness in kids is probably hereditary. I was a notoriously picker eater as a kid – something that my family always gave me grief about. But you can’t blame them, how many Cajun kids from South Louisiana don’t eat any seafood? [Note: I’ve grown to love seafodd as I get older, I’m now a huge sushi fan.]

The study says that food preferences appear to be “as inheritable a physical characteristic as height,” and is actually a normal stage of human development. Scientists theorize that it was originally an evolutionary mechanism designed to protect children from accidentally eating dangerous things – like poisonous berries or mushrooms, etc.. The “fussiness” tends to kick in when kids are 2 or 3, newly mobile and capable of disappearing from their parents’ sight within seconds (which I can attest too having a 2.5 year-old). Being unwilling to eat new things they stumble upon may turn out to be a lifesaver for toddlers. The study also says that most kids grow out of the “fussiness” by age 5; however, I grew out of mine around age 18 😉

So this news is a double-edge-sword for me. On one hand I can use it as an excuse when my family still gives me grief for my past food fussiness; however, it also means that Jess is right when she blames me for Grant’s food fussiness.  I guess I can only hope that he really outgrows his by age 5 and not 18!

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