BBNC 2007 Recap

BBNC 2007

So BBNC 2007 basically was what I expected . . . a blast. Like I said in my earlier post, my group of buddies could have fun anywhere. For some reason when we all get together everything becomes instantly funnier and we all think we’re 21 again.

We stayed at the Sandestin Resort in Destin, FL. I’ve been to beaches all over the US, Mexico, Caribbean, Africa, etc. and it is hard to beat Destin.

The sand in Destin is perfect (white and sugary soft), plus the water is always a brilliant, clear-green (thus the reason they call that part of Florida the “Emerald Coast”). We spent the days just hanging out and relaxig on the beach. At night we went to dinner in Baytown Wharf.
sandestin baytown wharf
Baytown Wharf is in the Sandestin resort and is almost a mini-Bourbon Street; similar to Pleasure Island at Disney World.
AJ's Destin
After Baytown Wharf we would head to AJ’s. AJ’s is a tradition in Destin (a big open-air bar right on the harbor) that most of us have been going to since we first turned 21.  Essentially, a night out in Destin isn’t complete without a stop at AJ’s.

The one downside to AJ’s was that it was incredibly humid in Destin that weekend. So if we look tired, it’s from our lack of sleep and excessive sweating in the Florida heat. Seriously, it was like walking through water – who knew the humidity could be 120%?

Sunday morning came quickly and I took my rental car and headed to Pensacola to catch my flight back to DFW. I was able to get there early enough to get a mini-Blue Angels jet plane for Grant (Pensacola is home to the Blue Angels), which he was very excited about since the plane resembles one of the characters on his favorite cartoon, Little Einsteins.

Overall, a great time. As I have often said, I’m lucky to have such an amazing group of friends and even more lucky to have an amazing wife that is supportive of this annual ritual.

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