There is no such thing as “minor” surgery. . . and kids are amazing!

Grant pre-surgery

So yesterday Grant went in for the second surgery of his young life. Grant has had a lot of allergy/sinus issues since he was born (thus the reason he couldn’t sleep unless someone was holding him until he was 18 months). A year ago he had surgery to remove his adenoids and get tubes put in his ears.  Even though it was a common procedure, Jess and I were on pins-and-needles the entire hour that he was under.

So neither of us were thrilled when we found out that Grant would need to have his tonsils removed. We had the procedure done at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth. As you can see from the picture above, Grant had a blast playing in the toy room pre-surgery.

Surgery was delayed so Grant even had time to “wash” his Granny June’s hair (my parents came with us to the hospital, which is always nice, but not unexpected since I have truly amazing parents).  Finally the time came to take Grant in and he didn’t even cry. In fact, the procedure was over in just 30-minutes and 30-minutes after that he was eating a Popsicle with the nurse in an anesthesia-induced haze. A couple hours later we were able to go home and today you would never know the kid had surgery unless someone told you (he is his normal active, charming self).

So Jess and I are very thankful that everything went well, but don’t let anyone fool you, when it comes to your kids no surgery is “minor”!

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