What happens when you mix record rains and 30-ton gas trucks?

gravel road
The record rains we’ve had this year in North Texas has definitely caused problems for cyclist and other outdoor enthusiast; however, the rains have also turned many of our roads into black-tar versions of swiss cheese. This situation has been magnified in the rural areas west of Fort Worth (particularly around Aledo) where the various trucks involved with drilling activities of the Barnett Shale have totally destroyed some of the once scenic country roads.
Today I rode with a group out on Kelly Road, Aledo Road and McDanniel Road. A pretty well-known loop for cyclists in Fort Worth. Riding on these roads is now like riding the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix. There are stretches of loose gravel, dirt and even sections filled with rocks the size of golf balls (not ideal conditions for a carbon race bike with 23mm tires). It’s sad because riding these hilly roads were one of the factors that sparked my love of cycling last summer.
What makes the situation even worse is that the gas company’s are not forced to contribute to the repair of these road. Instead, this burden falls on the taxpayers of Tarrant and Parker counties.
Hopefully the roads are repaired soon, but I fear that I will be forced to ride elsewhere for months . . . maybe years?

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