1,000 miles . . . what a difference a year makes

Last Christmas my parents got me a great gift, a 2-year subscription to MotionBased. MotionBased is a website that allows you to upload GPS data (like the data collected on my Garmin Edge 305 – the best piece of cycling equipment I ever bought) and track the information over time and really analyze your performance. Click on this link Ben’s Goatneck Ride to see an example of all the data it captures (maps your ride to Google Maps or Google Earth, tracks time, elevation, speed, etc. etc. etc.). This is technology that even the best professional cycling teams in the world didn’t have 5 years ago and now it is available to any Weekend Warrior. Pretty cool.
So last night I was uploading my recent ride data and I noticed that I rode over 1,000 miles in July. The reality of it kicked in . . . that’s more miles than most people put on their car in a month. Looking at it a different way – that is over 46,000 calories or 230 doughnuts. So I got to thinking how much different my cycling is now compared to one year ago (I first started cycling in May of 2006).

  • Last year I was riding about 100-125 miles per week. This year I am riding 250 miles per week (sometimes 300).
  • Last year at this time the longest ride I had ever done was the Peach Pedal in Weatherford, TX. It was 56 miles and I averaged 16 mph.  This year I did the Peach Pedal again and finished (60 miles) in less than 3 hours and averaged ~22mph.  I regularly ride over 60 miles on my weekend rides and have completed about 5 century rides since that time.
  • Last year I had one bike (my Specialized Roubaix). Now I have three bikes (my Roubaix, my Kuota Kredo and a Lemond Poprad cyclocross bike – which I use to pull Grant’s trailer and just goof around on).
  • Last year I had no interest in racing and said I would never race in a Criterium. This year I am a licensed Cat 5 racer and have raced in 6 crits with plans to upgrade to Cat 4 before the season is over.
  • Last year I was training for my first century ride ever – the Hotter than Hell 100. I finished the HH100 in 7 hours (I was diverted and actually did 115 miles plus it was the hottest HH100 ever at 108 degrees). This year I will ride in the HH100 again, but plan on finishing in under 5 hours.

Team ThinkCash

  • Last year no one else in the office rode a bike. Now there are at least 6 other guys who ride on a regular basis (most being members of Team ThinkCash – our MS150 team).
  • Last year Grant couldn’t even say the word “bike”. Now he regularly watches bike races with me on TV, came with Jess and I to the Tour of California professional bicycle race and he is my official “tire air pressure checker” every morning before I head out for a ride. Oh, he is also my official water bottler filler-up-er.
  • Won’t it be interesting to see what the next year brings . . .

    One response to “1,000 miles . . . what a difference a year makes

    1. Awesome post. 250-300 miles a week is sick. You need another kid to slow you down a bit.

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