BBNC 2007 Rapidly Approaching

So a few years ago one of my best friends from high school/college (Jake G.) came up with a great idea. Since most of our crew from high school/college (my core group of about 6 best friends all went to high school and college together) are now married, some of us with kids, we decided to start an annual tradition -BBNC. I won’t tell you what BBNC is an acronym for, but the idea behind it is a guys-only weekend every year for all of us to get together and laugh at each other like the old times. I’m pretty lucky in that some of these guys I have known since I was 5 years old and we all stay in close contact (via email, phone, trips like this, etc.).

Our inaugural BBNC was in 2006 and we went to Austin. We attended the UT home opener against University of Louisiana of Lafayette (The Ragin Cajuns). About 10 of us attended and had a blast. We hung out on 6th street and the Warehouse district, went to the game, checked out Lance Armstrong’s club – Six. It was kind of a surreal weekend since the weekend before is when Katrina hit New Orleans. Several of my buddies in attendance were living in New Orleans at the time and were basically homeless.
BBNC Dallas
In 2006 we did BBNC in Dallas. All the fellas came in and we stayed at Hotel ZaZa in Uptown. On the Friday night we ate dinner in the West Village and hit a couple fun clubs, including Medici.
ZaZa pool
On Saturday we hung out by the ZaZa pool all day.
Def L. Concert
Then we headed over to the Blue Goose on Greenville for dinner (close to me and Jess’s first house in the M-Streets) then went to the Def Leppard/Journey concert at Smirnoff.

The concert was a blast and once again we had an amazing time. Eveytime we all get together I realize two things:

  1. I’m pretty lucky to have such an amazing group of friends
  2. It is critically important for us to get together every year. Each year becomes harder and harder as more of us get married, have kids (or more kids), have more demanding jobs, etc. But that just makes the time we get together even more fun and unique (how many high school friends are you still close enough with that you would make sacrifices to spend a weekend with them?).

So this year we are heading to Destin, FL. More specifically, Sandestin Resort. Growing up in South Louisiana, everyone goes to Destin for SpringBreak, 4th of July, etc. so Destin has a special place in my heart. Plus, me and some of my buddies on this trip would live in Destin (and ironically work at Sandestin Resort) during summers in college. We would work just enough to pay the bills and then we were basically beach bums the rest of the time. It’s funny. We used to wait on people at Sandestin and always think, “I can’t wait until we are in a position one day to come to a place like this, get waited on, eat nice meals at fancy beachside restaurants and enjoy a nice cocktail by the pool.” Now we are those guys. The group will be smaller this year (about 6 or 7) due to some scheduling conflicts, but I know we will have a blast.

5 responses to “BBNC 2007 Rapidly Approaching

  1. Coops,
    Allow me to be the first to post (I think). I’m not much into blogs (besides Rosie’s and Paris’), but this one looks good! I especially like the official documentation of me being the founding father of BBNC…you are too kind. So if you are averaging 15-20 mph on your rides, you are leaving for Destin on Tues?
    See you soon, really looking forward to it!

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