Goatneck 2007

Did the Goatneck bicycle rally in Cleburne, TX this past Saturday. This was my first time riding this well managed event. The course was great and over 2,500 brave souls came out to ride 10, 27, 41 or 70 miles through the rolling countryside of Johnson County.  I met up with many of the members of Team ThinkCash. As a reminder – we put together a company team to ride in the Frisco-to-Fort Worth MS150 (raising money for Multiple Sclerosis research). Several guys joined just to get some of our cool team kits (cycling talk for jersey and shorts), but amazingly everyone is still riding on a regular basis.

Elevation Profile 

I did the 70 mile ride  (this link will give you all of the data for the ride from my bike’s GPS unit) and felt good.  I tried to do as much of the ride solo as possible (not getting the benefit of slipstream by rising in a group) in preparation for the Texas Time Trials in September (100 mile race with no drafting allowed).  That put me at an average speed of just over 21 mph, so not bad for 70 miles of rolling hills, but not hammering it. In fact, I felt good enough to go for a 55 mile ride on Sunday morning.  The rest of Team ThinkCash did really good (everyone has improved dramatically from the MS150 in May). Kevin actually had his best ride ever.

I’m going to try and race a Wednesday Night Crit or two over the next few weeks, but the next big ride will be Hotter than Hell 100 in Wichita Falls, TX at the end of August.  I did the HH100 last year. It was my first century ride ever and actually ended up being 115 miles due to some pranksters that changed some of the signs on the course. I might have found it amusing if it wasn’t 108 degrees that day. This year I will probably do the 100K Cat 5 race in order to get me one race closer to moving up to Cat 4. Jess and I had reservations to stay at the Holiday Inn in Wichita Falls (where we stayed last year), but I just learned that they had major flood damage from all the rain we have been having, so I might be driving there the morning of the race and driving back after (2 hours each way . . . arrgh).

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